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Workshops and Training

If you want to build and retain happy, high-performing teams, in the today's fast-changing workplace, we're here to help.

We deliver discovery workshops and training programmes to help leaders and groups rethink and reshape their people strategies, covering key issues like culture, internal comms, performance management, workplace design and employer brand building.

Future of Work 12-hour Training Programme

We recently designed and delivered a 12-hour workshop programme for the Rural Design Centre Innovation Project.

The programme supported 8 SMEs and micro businesses through a number of topics related to the future of work – equipping them with insights, examples and tools to help them grow whilst managing the challenges of hybrid working.

The programme involved three distinct workshops, focusing on:

  • Nailing your culture and communications in a hybrid workplace
  • Delivering flexibility and fairness whilst improving performance
  • Securing great mental health at work

This particular programme focused on supporting rural employers and business leaders but could easily but we have also delivered talks to consider these issues for other groups – including groups from the technology sector and the public sector.

These workshops were excellently planned and delivered with great feedback from all attendees.  The outcomes from these sessions were designed to have immediate applicability to the attendees’ organisations and we know that the conversations will also be continued.”

Dr Charlotte Hope, Innovation Manager, Rural Design Centre

Company Away Day Facilitation

Conversation Starter Game

We recently used our new “Conversation Starter Game” to stimulate connection and debate as part of a whole-company Away Day for Innovation Supernetwork.

The session ran across the afternoon, with the team having spent their morning reviewing the company’s new vision, values and growth strategy.

In preparation for the session, we worked with the ELT to create a bespoke set of scenarios and tasks to play through. These focused on real-life challenges the team might face in the months and years ahead and encouraged them to consider how their company values might guide the right solutions.

The gameplay was fun, noisy and engaging, empowering the team to explore some serious issues and challenges in a safe and light-hearted environment. This generated a load of really insightful and actionable ideas, helped the team to appreciate how their colleagues framed challenges differently, and helped to build connections between team members who rarely work face to face.

“A fantastic way to get us thinking of everything in a different way, while also totally applying to our day-to-day roles too. I loved it!”

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