Want to build a culture of connection? Then you need Connection Heroes!

Pragmatic consultancy support

We're a collective of specialist consultants with years of real-world experience driving people-focused culture change, growth & innovation.

Our goal is to help leaders build and retain happy, high-performing teams in the fast-changing world of work.

We do this by enabling you to understand, improve and measure how connected your people are to each other, to their work, and to the vision and goals of your organisation.

Our starting point is always to gather real insights and data, using your own information systems or our Human Connection Framework and Discovery Surveys. From here, we collaborate closely with your internal teams to set goals and develop both long-term strategic plans and pragmatic solutions.

Our team has a broad range of skills to help you re-think and reshape all aspects of your people strategy, focused in particular on culture,  internal communications, organisational structure and performance management.

The kind of projects we can deliver in collaboration with your inhouse HR and marketing teams include:

  • Developing and communicating your mission, vision and values
  • Creating a clear business case and comms plan for your hybrid/flexible working strategy
  • Developing a clear brand strategy to engage employee and customer groups
  • Assessing and improving internal communications plans and platforms
  • Re-thinking organisational structure and performance management frameworks
  • Delivering training and development programmes for managers and leaders
  • Developing strategies and effective tactics to improve internal communications.

Start building better human connections.

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