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Understand and improve how connected your team is to each other, their work and your organisation.

Given the rapid and radical shift towards remote and hybrid working, we wanted to understand how connected people feel to their colleagues, their work and their organisations. Here are seven key highlights from our most recent survey.

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We also work with individual teams and organisations to run internal Discovery Surveys and develop effective learning resources. These can help you understand and improve how connected your team feels to each other, their work, and your organisation, and can help you agree where to focus your efforts to improve culture, communications and performance.

Square One Law: Discovery Survey and Workshop

We worked with Square One Law to deliver a Discovery Survey and follow-up workshop based on our Human Connection Framework.

The survey was designed to build an understanding of how connected SQ1 employees feel to each other, to their work, and to the organisation, and participation rates were high at over 75%.

The results have been used by the Leadership Team to inform their strategy around culture development and people management and to help them understand which areas of employee experience to focus on in order to improve human connections across the company.

“The post-Covid world of hybrid working has shone a spotlight on the value of human connections – it is more important than ever that we listen to our teams, build meaningful relationships with them and ensure we are connecting with them in an effective and authentic way.  We have used The Connection Story survey at Square One Law to evaluate the strength of our connections and identify and address challenges for our people and our business in maintaining meaningful relationships.”
Gill Hunter, Managing Partner

NICRE: Learning resources for the Innovation Hub

Following the delivery of a workshop series exploring the Future of Work for Rural Employees in North East England, we worked with NICRE to develop a set of learning resources and videos for national use.

The online module was created to put rural businesses on the front foot, giving them the skills to adapt to attract, retain and engage employees. It contains resources from a series of workshops delivered for Rural Design Centre Innovation Project , focused on culture and communication, flexibility and fairness, and mental health and well-being in rural workplaces.

Resources can be found online at https://nicre.co.uk/innovation-portal/future-of-work/.

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